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Providing high-end stone-coated steel roofing tiles in Marco Island, Fort Myers, Naples, Sanibel Island, Cape Coral, and Punta Gorda.

Strong Shingles That Are Made to Last

Stone-Coated Steel shingles are comprised of layers of durable steel that protect against almost anything Mother Nature throws its way.

Affordable Florida Roofing Services

Your new stone-coated steel roof replacement won’t break the bank. Our contractors are here to give you a roof that is worth every cent.

Expert Stone-Coated Steel Installation

Our top-rated Florida roofing contractors will work on your roof with utmost care and attention to detail through every step of the way.

Stone-coated steel roofs are beautiful to behold, but they are also strong. Through our proprietary stone-coating process, natural stone granules are applied to the surface of base steel sheets, creating an array of fashionable styles, colors, and textures. With these designs comes unparalleled durability to withstand any natural weather phenomenon in South Florida. If you desire both beauty and robustness in your roof, then stone-coated steel tiles are the choice for you.

Infrared pigments added to the stone-coatings of metal roofs boost the solar reflectance and energy efficiency of the structure, according to a U.S. Department of Energy Study. ProCraft Exteriors’ stone-coated steel roofing also doesn’t require additional soundproofing materials, making them incredibly quiet in the rain due to the sound-absorbing properties of their granular stone coating.

Our process FOR


It all starts after you book your free inspection and we come to assess your home. We will ask you lots of questions so we are crystal clear on fulfilling all of your needs for your new roof.


Next, we’ll have a conversation with you about how we will complete your stone-coated steel roofing project. We will finalize warranties, materials, and payment plans suited to you.


Then, we will install your new stone-coated steel shingle roof! Your home will be taken care of by our professional contractors who are highly skilled and have great attention to detail.

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