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Offering high-end tile roofing products in Marco Island, Fort Myers, Naples, Sanibel Island, Cape Coral, and Puta Gorda.

Repairs Held To The

Highest Standards

Having your tile roof replaced can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. We had every job to the highest standard and confidence so you relax knowing you’re protected.

Durable Materials

You Can Rely On

You deserve the most durable tile roofing materials on the market. We will eliminate the stress of worrying about another tile roof replacement for decades to come. 

Results Exatly

Like You Envision

We are confident in executing your tile roof replacement exactly how you envisioned. Our replacement team is made up of local contractors who have pro workmanship skills.

It takes some MAJOR winds to damage a tile roof, but hurricanes are the most powerful windstorms to hit Florida. You may have very obvious damage, with completely missing tiles. If you are unsure how much damage your tile roof sustained in the last storm, the team at ProCraft has been trained to look for pitting, breakage, tile lift, chattering, and punctures. Some of these issues can be hard to spot from the ground, and it’s always recommended to call a professional to properly inspect a tile roof to prevent more damage. 

Concrete tile roofs are designed to last. Your concrete roof could possibly still be standing when you move away from your residence. These roofs stand up well against many extreme South Florida storms, and furthermore require little maintenance. It may also take less time for additional roof repairs on these types of roofs because each tile is placed separately; however, it is best to ask about this particular feature when discussing with our tile roofing contractors.

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It all starts after you book your free inspection and we come to assess your tile roof. We will ask you lots of questions so we are crystal clear on fulfilling all of your needs.


Next, we’ll have a conversation with you about how we will complete your tile roofing replacement. We will finalize warranties, materials, and payment plans suited to you.


Then, we will install your new tile roof ! Your home will be taken care of by our professional contractors who are highly skilled and have great attention to detail.

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