When it comes to getting your roof inspected, it is important to remember that your roofing contractor needs to inspect more than just the outside of your home. Going inside your attic can reveal a lot of important information about the condition of your roof and your home overall. 


This blog post will discuss why your roofing contractor needs to inspect your attic and what you should expect during the inspection.


The Attic Is the Best Place to Start

When your roofing contractor is performing an inspection of your home, they should always start with the attic. This is because the attic can tell a lot about your home and can provide clues to help the contractor understand what is going on with your roof.


The attic can reveal signs of leaks and other damage that may not be visible from the outside of your home. It also allows the contractor to check the insulation and ventilation, which are essential to keeping your roof in good condition. The contractor can then use this information to give you an accurate quote for any repairs that may be necessary.


The Contractor Can Check for Signs of Leaks and Other Damage

When inspecting the attic, your roofing contractor will look for signs of water damage or mold. Water damage could indicate a leak in the roof or a problem with the gutters. They’ll also check for signs of rot or weakened wood beams which could signal an underlying problem with the structure of the roof.


The contractor will also look for signs of animals or pests in the attic as these can indicate an infestation or further damage. If there are any signs of animals, they will be able to recommend proper pest control measures. 

The Contractor Can Also Check the Insulation and Ventilation


The contractor will be looking to see if the attic has adequate insulation and ventilation. The attic needs to have the proper insulation in order to keep the temperature and moisture levels at an appropriate level. Poor insulation can cause damage to the roof, which could lead to costly repairs in the future. 


Additionally, the contractor can check to see if the ventilation system is working properly. If there isn’t enough ventilation, then moisture buildup can occur and can cause mold or mildew growth. By properly inspecting the insulation and ventilation, the contractor can ensure that your home is safe and that your roof will last for years to come.


The Attic Tells the Contractor a Lot About Your Home

When a contractor inspects your attic, they are able to get a better sense of the condition of your roof and the underlying structure of your home. Here at ProCraft Exteriors, we always check the attic when we inspect a home because of underlying hidden damage most people would never consider when looking to get their roof repaired or replaced. To schedule your complimentary roofing and attic inspection today, click here. We proudly serve Southwestern Florida.